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Dowling, MI Wanda Mckane. Through my own research and what little my family was willing to share with me, the twins were sent to an orphanage. It is unknown what happened to his sister. My family insists that they were not cousins, but the evidence points there.

The Canada census has them both living at home. The family broke apart after that, with another sibling Margaret Della evidently moving to Massachusetts to live with her aunt. I am mostly interested in what became of this "Edna J" Osborne. Jeff MacLeod. Canada E2K 2J7.

I have learned that the Pack family, were loyalists. Ray Springer. He was married with Mildred Jamison from the United States.

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He was the father of Clarence Elgy Scott and he died on 22 june in Holland. I searching information about him for faces to graves. Please take a look at facestograves. Gijs Krist. The archive is now missing Dorothy Barwell and her mother father and sisters. I may have been five or six years. I know that there are more descendants of James Smith still alive. Peter McDougald was a Loyalist in Saint John briefly and was given various land grants in , he was a soldier in the American Revolution he came from Massachusetts and Virginia and traveled through New York state, and also fought with Laura Secord in Brantford Ontario.

I am building a family tree on my mothers sideand I need to know his parent's detail. I'm hopeful that you can assist me even if only directing me where I should go. Wayne Robson. Wayne hotmail.

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I am in touch with descendants of Susan Hattie Johnson and Clinton Johnson children of Oressa and Joseph but would appreciate other leads. I also have a death record for grandson Donald son of Ira Johnson in California. Any others of the grandchildren who resided in California are of particular interest. Looking for birth records. I do have a record showing she crossed the border from Canada into Maine to August 17, Her birthdate - October 2, Her death certificate says Birthplace Canterbury, New Brunswick.

Wildomar, CA James Vaughan. Bruce Plummer. Escondido, CA. Hickman, who was killed in the Kinmel Camp riot in Wales in March of the same year. I have seen the story about the funeral online, but there is no mention of what newspaper it came from. Is there anyone who could help me find the source?

David Fuller. In the census it shows him living with an Elizabeth Martin born in New Brunswick in In when Alexander died there is no mention of her in his will. She may have died or married.


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How can I find out what happened to her? Also the census does not show an address only the dwelling house inhabited as Alexander Martin came from Dunning in Scotland around I have researched the inquiry related to the dispute about his will. Adam Spence. She was born around in County Tyrone, Ireland.

They settled in Londonderry, New Brunswick. They were Anglican.

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They had two more daughters in NB, Mary and Matilda. She passed in I have not been able to uncover any birth records for Ann or marriage records for her and James. I am looking for where she was born in County Tyrone and the identity of her birth family. She was around 3 years older than King McFarlane, who settled at Londonderry and also had a son named Armour. Perhaps Ann was a sister to King? Amanda Dobbelsteyn.

I am having a hard time finding information on my grandmother. However, I cannot seem to find any birth information. I was hoping that you could help me find information. Denise Lake.

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She was born around in either New Brunswick or Ireland date not exact. She lived in the Parish of Upham, Kings County in She married Armour Black the same year. She often went by Liza or Eliza. She died in Natalie Horton, MD. They had at least 5 children. Wendy Whelen. Branford, Ontario. She was born around and married a fellow named Ervin in in the queens county in New Brunswick.

I could find nothing helpful in the databases of rootsweb. While these searches are less than exhaustive, there are the major databases used by me in everyday searches. I am looking for information about my Grandfathers ancestors. My name: Chantal Muriel Musgrove born; May 27th I noticed by looking online that another Morin Man also related to Pierre Morin dit Boucher was married to a "Zoe Gagnon" born in Cacouna Quebec, they were married in Chantal Musgrove.

Also information on Spouses of their 10 Children. She was a widow when she married Oliver. Was there any children? Anyone know his first name? I assume they came from Ireland to Maine or New Brunswick. I do know my 3x gr. Lucy ann murphy's maiden name was Couillard. The family apparently donated the building for the church. Hope this helps. I am also interested in finding out more of my great grandmothers family her mother is Elizabeth McLeod Sarah Phoebe Worfolk. Michelle O'Ree. I Believe they left the Moncton area for Boston , Mass.

Would like contact with their off spring or general info and photos. Names of their children, photos of them and their homestead. Any help would be appreaciated. Kip Johnson. Family stories have Angus dying in Texas in but I have not been able to find any type of record to verify this. My question is does anyone have any insight into why he might have been there and what he might have been doing there. Marjorie MacKellar Golub. Any pictures or biographical information would be greatly appreciated.

I have most of their statistical information. Stephen had a son named David Scofield born around David married Priscilla Frazee. Stephen's wife's name was Mary. Ann Kremer. He married Pheby or Phahy Gilbert or Gilbart.

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The issue I am having is that either he or his parents changed their name when they moved to Maine. I have been told that Shaw was part of the name but no one knows if it was the first, middle, or last part. Once relative thought it may have been Leshawbe or just Shawbe.

Jason Bragdon. Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Johns, New Brunswick, British America given on marriage certificate. Father: George Showery Blacksmith. Mother: Mary M.

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