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You can get these data about your visitor location:. Download free GeoCity Lite database from here. Unpack it somewhere on your local disk to get GeoLiteCity.

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Upload GeoLiteCity. First download free Geotargeting. Net Component. Download Getoargeting. Net 1. Net Framework 1.

Geo maps in Data Studio

Net 2 for use with. Net Framework 2.

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  • Net Framework 3. Now everything is ready to use geo targeting on your web site.

    To get wanted information you can use a code like this:. EventArgs Handles Me. I know this has been quite some while but I've since left Yii behing so stopped developing using it. Anyway, I'll happily maintain the module hadn't received any updates about comments here.

    Sarke, thank you for your feedback, credit goes mostly to the original creators of the PEAR package. Could you and this applies to other potential contributors take the time to create a Pull Request on Github repo so I can analyse the diff and integrate your changes into a new version of the module? Some notes: I'm not sure if returning a default behaviour would be a good option. In this case it would be "impossible" to distinguish between a visitor really identified as coming from region X where X is the default and another coming from another country Y but that could not be identified.

    The current behaviour of returning null values can you confirm if it currently doesn't cause an error? | Free Anonymous USA Web Proxy

    Dinis I see your point, and it does make perfect sense that adding a default location may not be the best way to go about this, and I agree, adding "other" may be a good one. The map obviously was missing Malta as a country, and during my review I found that there were several other countries missing too.

    Since then I extracted the country list above, and merged it with this one, so I should have a more or less complete but at least a slightly larger list helping to prevent failures, along with the default selection check I created below. If I get the time, I may create a pull request for the "other" solution, but you may be faster than me.

    Explaining Sitecore DMS Geographic (GeoIP) Personalization Rules

    Yii Framework Extensions. License: LGPL Tags: geolocation , localization. Developed by: Dinis. User Contributed Notes 6.

    Easy and fast.